A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Elapsed Time is a story about miss [custom name] Cian, who gets a chance to work for the royal family in the country of Sensuna! everything is nice and good and then suddenly someone wants to kill the royal family, Alvarma wants a war, pirates slaughter non-humans, and somehow Cian is right in the middle of it all.

discover what's really going on, find love or friendship, and die a couple of times!

main characters:

Cian, 19 years old; she wants to improve her skills and finally become useful!
Pyrno, 18 years old; prince of Sensuna who loves his country more than anything!
Yefi, 18 years old; a mechanic from Alvarma, wanting to prove himself to his father!
Liae Jin, 19 years old; always a puppet for someone else, he wants to be free and pursue his dream!

right now it's only a prologue to the full game, so one dateable character is absent, and there are no cgs.

the full game will be also more polished, i hope!

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Install instructions

Just unpack the files and open ElapsedTime.exe. Should work on linux, mac, and windows.


ElapsedTime-1.0-all.zip 147 MB


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project on hiatus for eternity, probably. sorry.